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Our Champions of Change Project 

Recognising the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 in our communities in Queensland and owning that this has created implications for QC to champion change in the way we had originally planned to do; the local Champions of Change project is all about supporting individuals and locally led groups who are community connected, show leadership in their own unique way, and are happy to collaborate and partner with QC as change-makers in their local communities, working with us to amplify and support their actions and voices.  


Think local. Act local. Repeat. 

This project enables individuals and/or groups to undertake an activity that will influence the change that they want to see within their "community" - be that geographic, population based or another attribute that connects a group together with a shared understanding or lived experience. 

All of our Champions of Change Project team members are currently working with a mixture of people and groups across the state to support this program. Errol Choikee is our first Champions of Change recipient, who is a proud First Nations person from Yarrabah in North Queensland who identifies as a Sistergirl and is attending his first Mardi Gras along with his Koori sister Michelle Tobin.  

To learn more about how Errol is championing change in his community follow the link below to read the full story our CEO Rebecca Reynolds has written for QNews: 

Link to QNews article   

Watch this space for more information as we progress!  

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