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Wrapped N Ready Order Form

Our free Wrapped n' Ready condoms are available in bigger and regular fit with water based lubrication sachets. Internal condoms and Dams are also available. 


Due to current supply issues, we have made changes to the way we supply safe sex items and some shipped order quantities may be different from the order placed depending on the supplies available at the time of packing.


Organisations wishing to order bulk resource supplies are invited to send an email to four (4) weeks prior to the event, to allow for processing.

Condom packs and dams are ONLY available to individuals or organisations/services within the state of QUEENSLAND.

Consistent use of condoms and water based lubrication is the most effective way to reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Despite consistent use of condoms and water based lubricant it is still possible to acquire an STI, so regular STI testing is recommended.

​Queensland Health fund the Wrapped n' Ready program so require some age and self-identifying gender information to be able to analyse who is utilising the free condom program for the purposes of reporting including for the use of the funds and requests for future funding.

To place an order, please complete the form here: 

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