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Our Brand & Resources

Led by you. Owned by you. With you.

QC is a Queensland state-wide non-profit, communities-based organisation that provides a full suite of programs, campaigns, advocacy and services that build the capacity of our peers; and that enhance the health and wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Sistergirl and Brotherboy people and communities in Queensland by working through partnerships.

Logo Story

The QC logo has changed over the years. The logo has always represented the LGBTIQ+ health services and support provided in Queensland.

The Rainbow

The Individual

Our Communities

This concept is inspired by the rainbow being a symbol for Rainbow Pride Community. It is also a symbol of hope and light for the individual and the many communities. From an Indigenous perspective the rainbow refers to the Rainbow Serpent, a Creation Spirit that formed the landscape of country, showing people the importance of law and culture. QC is a symbol of hope and light for individuals and their communities, bringing people together 

The Individual + The Rainbow

The Individual + The Rainbow + Our Communities

The Shining Heart

The Individual is woven into and becomes a part of the community and the QC is there to support them. The shining heart symbol represents the injection of love, support, care and commitment that the QC has to their people and communities. QC is a symbol of care and support for individuals and our communities it reminds us to love.

The Individual + The Rainbow + Our Communities + Love

Queensland Council Logo

QC Logo with Typeface

The Individual, the Rainbow and the Community come together in a loving, caring and supportive environment. QC takes care and support for individuals and communities to the next level. We try to Love.

Download our Style Guide for more information

Visual Language

A Visual Language was originally developed to speak both directly and indirectly to QC’s vision and values.


Yarning Circles


Connection Space


Regional Work State-Wide Reach HUB & Spoke


Professional Networking

Our Communities

Community Events

Capacity Building

QC As A Whole



InterLink trifold brochure and postcard.

Brisbane North Care Finder Program

Brisbane North Care Finder Program poster, social tiles and trifold brochure.

Queer Without Fear

Queer Without Fear Z-card pocket booklet.

Outdoor Beat

Outdoor Beat HIV prevention poster.

Sex on Premises Venue (SOPV)

SOPV HIV prevention poster.

2Spirits Cervical Screening

2Spirits cervical screening trifold brochure and social tiles.

2Spirits Breast/Chest Screening

2Spirits breast/chest screening poster and social tiles.

Your QC Training & Consultancy

Your QC Training & Consultancy trifold brochure.

QC Disability

QC Disability trifold brochure.

QC Language Guidelines

Language Guidelines single page & double page PDFs.

TGDNB Practice Guidelines

TGDNB Practice Guidelines single page & double page PDFs.

"About 2Spirits" Brochure

2Spirits trifold brochure.

"QC & Our Programs’" Brochure

QC programs list trifold brochure.

Recommendations for recources

If you have any recommendation for future resources, please get in touch with us.

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