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QC holds close collaborating with communities and community organisations which hold space for them.

We’re built on people working together, and organisations with a tremendous amount of work and most often volunteer run, are the engine that keeps our communities going.

QC works with various organisations, groups, social groups, volunteers and folks who are passionate about making a difference, shaping the ways in which decisions are made, people are supported and how we celebrate, led by you, owned by you, with you.

We hold the mantra that has built our organisations ‘nothing about us, without us.’


Below you’ll find a list of organisations that we work with, and who you might find useful, whether in your local area or group that can support you, or someone you know.

If you or anyone you know would like to link your community organisation to partner with us, or if you feel that one is missing from our list, start the conversation.

Our Partners & Networks


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