Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Reynolds - She/Her

E: rreynolds@qc.org.au

Chief Operating Officer

Shaun Staunton - He/Him

E: sstaunton@qc.org.au


Engagement and Partnerships Team

Social Marketing + Communications Officer

Simon Betteridge - He/Him

E: sbetteridge@qc.org.au

Communities and Partnership Liaison Officer

Ben Dawson - He/Him

E: bdawson@qc.org.au

Corporate Team

Executive Officer

(Currently vacant) 


Cynthia Lim - She/Her

E: accounts@qc.org.au


Operations Coordinator

Vahnya Rotar - He/Him

E: vrotar@qc.org.au

2Spirits Team

Executive Officer 2Spirits

Phil Sariago - He/Him

E: psariago@qc.org.au

2Spirits Project Officer 

Rocky Byrne - She/Her

E: rbyrne@qc.org.au

Individuals Team

Mental Health Team Members:

Mental Health Team Leader

Miff Trevor - She/Her

E: mtrevor@qc.org.au

LGBTI Mental Health Officer

Adele Pope - She/Her

E: apope@qc.org.au

LGBTI Mental Health Officer

Anthony Smith - Him/He

E: asmith@qc.org.au


Clinical Care Coordinator

Desmond Bracken - He/Him

E: dbracken@qc.org.au

Mental Health Capacity Support Officer

Peta Ward - She/Her

E: pward@qc.org.au

Intersex Mental Health Project Officer

Bonnie Hart - She/Her

E: bhart@qc.org.au

Clinical Team Members:

Dr Nick Martin

Dr Bella George

Dr Paul Davies

Clinic Coordinator

Julie Fresta - She/Her

E: jfresta@qc.org.au

Practice Nurse

Vaughan McLachlan - He/Him

E: vmclachlan@qc.org.au

Clinic Support Team Members:

Medical Receptionist

Chloe Collins

E: ccollins@qc.org.au

Communities Team


Executive Officer Communities 

Ged Farmer - He/Him

E: gfarmer@qc.org.au


Rainbow Pride @ Work Diversity and Equity Training Officer

Ash Broom - They/Them

E: abroom@qc.org.au

LGBTI Seniors Visiting Service Project Officer

Ann Matson - She/Her

E: amatson@qc.org.au

Aged Care System Navigator - Far North Queensland

Gary Hubble - He/Him

E: ghubble@qc.org.au

Communities Resource Project Officer

Sally Cripps - She/Hers

E: scripps@qc.org.au

Health Promotion and Community Development Officer (Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary Health)

Dylan Barrett - He/Him

E: dbarrett@qc.org.au

Health Promotion and Community Development Officer (Gay Men and MSM)

Robert Muscolino - He/Him

E: robert@qc.org.au

Disabilities work

Information, Linkages and Capacity Building team


ILC Project Officer

Annabelle Oxley - She/Her

E: aoxley@qc.org.au


ILC Project Officer, Partnerships

Mitch Medcalf - He/Him

E: mmedcalf@qc.org.au